Spicy Hummus Al Sham (Halabsa – Chickpea soup/drink)By baidooneOne of the more popular recipes in Egypt, and the people like to eat it in the winter, which called Halabsa, while the rest of the Arab Countries: Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon they called it Hummus Al Sham. You can even find hummas stands on the streets and it tastes delicious!
Easy Chicken Shawarma Hummus BowlBy baidooneThe creamiest, dreamiest hummus toped with shawarma. This simple-to-make hummus bowl will take you away to the Mediterranean and is packed with healthy and delicious ingredients.
Freekeh SaladBy baidooneWhile we are used to preparing freekeh as a main dish with chicken and meat, what do you think, about trying a new recipe for freekeh as a salad dish without any meat?
Diet Shish TawookBy baidooneIf you are looking for a low-calorie way to make Diet Shish Tawook, try this light and delicious recipe with just one tablespoon of oil
Macarona Tagine with ChickenBy baidooneA delicious and cheesy casserole layered with penne pasta and chicken, this Egyptian comfort food is a major crowd pleaser!
Meat Kebab SandwichBy baidooneMeat Kebab stuffed into a pita or other type of bread as a sandwich, or wrapped in a thin flatbread. The sandwich generally contains salad or vegetables, which may include tomato, onion, parsley with sumac
Chicken and Peach TagineBy baidooneA true crowd pleaser, this chicken and peach tagine is juicy and goes very well with couscous.
Kabab Halla with ChickenBy baidooneTraditional Kabab Halla (Chicken Stew) is one of the ultimate comfort food in the Egyptian homes. Prepare a delicious meal of chicken flavored with spices and serve it along with a plate of crunchy French fries.
Rice with Chicken and PotatoesBy baidooneAn easy one pan bake of chicken and potatoes , made with spices and sliced potatoes. Saucy, indulgent and delicious, this is a firm family favorite .
Jareesh with OatsBy baidooneGreat recipe for Jareesh. A simple, traditional Saudi dish using oats.
Homemade Samosa PastryBy baidooneA samosa is a pastry pocket that is baked or fried. Samosas are a popular entrée, appetizer, or snack. Once these samosa pastries pockets are made, the list is endless of what fillings you can use to complete them. Most popular filling is meat, spiced potatoes, onions, peas, or cheese.
Pumpkin kibbeh Balls (Kibbet Lakteen)By baidoonePumpkin kibbeh is a vegan version of the traditional kibbeh stuffed with minced beef. In this meat-free version, sautéed spinach , onion, and chopped walnuts take the place of meat.
Diced Lamb TagineBy baidooneThis lamb tagine with carrots gets its vibrancy from spices like cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, and cardamom.
Libyan CouscousBy baidooneCouscous is the national dish of Libya. It is a famous dish in the Maghreb and North Africa, and the method of preparing it differs from one country to another. In Libya, the way it is prepared is also different, as it is prepared with vegetables, meat and onions and cooked on steam. The couscous meal in Libya is considered a folk heritage that is passed down from one generation to the next, so it preserves its distinctive flavor to this day.
Palestinian Couscous (Maftoul)By baidooneMaftool is originally from the popular Palestinian neighborhoods, and it is the main origin of this meal, which consists of pellets prepared at home or sold ready in the market. Al-Maftoul began as a meal prepared in popular events and holidays, then moved to become a main meal in the entire Arab world, especially in Jordan and the Levant.
Masgouf (Iraqi Grilled Fish)By baidooneMasgouf (Arabic: المسكوف), is a Mesopotamian dish consisting of seasoned, grilled carp; it is often considered the national dish of Iraq.
Iraqi Carrot Rice with Minced MeatBy baidooneThis rice recipe is very common in Iraq, and is also known throughout the Arab world. it can be enjoyed on its own, with a fresh salad or a pot of plain yoghurt. You can convert to a vegetarian dish by substituting the minced meat with frozen quorn or omitting the minced meat.
Freekeh Soup with LambBy baidooneFreekeh itself is a common staple in Middle Eastern cuisine, especially in Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. Freekeh soup is great for those cold winter days. It's filling and flavorful, light and easy to prepare.
Healthy Homemade Hummus RecipeBy baidooneNo mezze platter is complete without hummus. A hearty, tangy dip, that keeps everyone coming back for more. This classic Middle Eastern favorite is great for jazzing up other dishes such as BBQ meat, vegetables, and salads.
Moroccan Makrout with DatesBy baidooneMakrout is a delicious pastry that is native to North Africa. The texture of this sweet treat is divine and the date filling is rich and hearty.
3 Ingredients Semolina Cold DessertBy baidooneSemolina cold dessert is one of the most famous desserts in Jordan, which needs 3 ingredients and you will get the most delicious sweet, easy and fast.
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