Spicy Hummus Al Sham (Halabsa – Chickpea soup/drink)By baidooneOne of the more popular recipes in Egypt, and the people like to eat it in the winter, which called Halabsa, while the rest of the Arab Countries: Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon they called it Hummus Al Sham. You can even find hummas stands on the streets and it tastes delicious!
Easy Chicken Shawarma Hummus BowlBy baidooneThe creamiest, dreamiest hummus toped with shawarma. This simple-to-make hummus bowl will take you away to the Mediterranean and is packed with healthy and delicious ingredients.
Freekeh SaladBy baidooneWhile we are used to preparing freekeh as a main dish with chicken and meat, what do you think, about trying a new recipe for freekeh as a salad dish without any meat?
Fresh Herb Falafel Pita WrapBy ksalmanThe only way to eat falafel is hot, right out of the frying pan, so make and eat the wraps immediately after frying the falafel.
Lebanese Kishk Soup with GarlicBy ksalmanKeshk is a very traditional food made every year by Lebanese villagers with bulgur and milk (either cow’s or goat’s) at the end of summer as part of winter’s provisions. This is a very simple and versatile soup that is thick and nourishing.
Middle Eastern Chicken Soup with VermicelliBy ksalmanThis comforting Middle Eastern Chicken Soup with Vermicelli is so easy to make. The flavor of the chicken shines through and is complemented with fragrant cinnamon.
Basbousa CheesecakeBy ksalmanThis basbousa cheesecake with a Middle Eastern makeover features a buttery digestive biscuit base a rich cheesecake layer topped with a delicious basbousa layer sweetened with rose water scented sugar syrup ties the flavors together.
Diet Shish TawookBy baidooneIf you are looking for a low-calorie way to make Diet Shish Tawook, try this light and delicious recipe with just one tablespoon of oil
Chicken Kebabs in the OvenBy ksalmanThese tasty chicken kebabs are baked in the oven. The result is juicy kebabs that everyone will love!
Meatballs in cherry sauce (Kebab B’il karaz)By ksalmanCherry Kebab (Arabic: كباب كرز‎) is a special kind of kebab, which is made with minced lamb and cherry. The original name in Arabic is Kebab B'il Karaz. Cherry kebab is a specialty dish from Aleppo, the largest city in Syria with heritage and history.
Macarona Tagine with ChickenBy baidooneA delicious and cheesy casserole layered with penne pasta and chicken, this Egyptian comfort food is a major crowd pleaser!
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