Sambusa (Sambousek) Dough RecipeBy baidoonePrepare your favorite filling of cheese, spinach, meat, chicken, vegetables, nuts and more to make the most delicious sambusa (sambousek) recipes with this homemade dough.
Cheese and Green Zaatar FatayerBy baidooneFatayers are found throughout the Arab world in pastry shops and market stalls in different shapes and fillings. In this recipe, fatayer balls are filled with cheese, green zaatar (Thyme) and garnished with sesame seeds and Nigella Sativa Seeds.
Easy Homemade Hummus With TahiniBy baidooneHummus is a dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, and lemon juice. It is popular in the Middle East and Mediterranean, as well as in Middle Eastern cuisine around the globe. It can also be found in most grocery stores in North America and Europe.
How to Make Crispy FalafelBy baidooneFalafel is a deep-fried ball, or a flat or doughnut-shaped patty, made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both. Herbs, spices, and onion relatives are commonly added to the dough. It is a very famous Middle Eastern dish that most likely originated in Egypt.
Vegetarian Stuffed Grape LeavesBy baidooneVegetarian Grape leaves is a healthy Middle Eastern appetizer dish for any time of the day. It is made of rolled grape leaves with rice and vegetable stuffing.
Traditional Baba GhanoushBy baidooneBaba ghanoush (Arabic: بابا غنوج‎), also spelled baba ganoush or baba ghanouj, is a Levantine appetizer of mashed cooked eggplant mixed with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and various seasonings.
Fried KibbehBy baidooneKibbeh is a Levantine mezze made with bulgur, finely ground beef and spices! It's then shaped into balls then fried or baked!
Hummus Casserole (Fattet Hummus)By baidooneFattet hummus is a staple dish in Arabic cuisine. It is usually eaten for breakfast or as a light supper, Fattet Hommus is a layered dish of pita bread, garbanzo beans, yogurt and tangy tahini sauce.
Znoud El SitBy baidooneZnoud el Sit is a popular Middle Eastern dessert filled with ashta cream, crispy on the outside and creamy inside and dipped in sugar syrup.
Fava beans maqluba (Rez bel fool)By baidooneThis is a traditional Middle Eastern main dish made of fava beans, rice and meat. It is mostly popular through out the Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine)
Lebanese Pea Stew with Rice (Bazella W Riz)By baidooneThis Pea Stew with Rice (Bazella W Riz) is a classic Lebanese dish made of peas, beef, tomatoes, onion, garlic, and cilantro served over Rice. The combination of vegetables and tender beef and rice makes this a healthy, hearty meal for kids and adults.
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