Ka’ak El Eid with Anise and DatesBy baidooneThese cookies are called Ka'ak El Eid with Anise and Dates. They are quite popular in the Levant. They're not too sweet and they have a lovely flavor and aroma from the anise (yansoon) which the cookies are named after.
Meat Kabsa in a Pressure CookerBy baidooneKabsa is a meat and rice main course dish that is popular not just in Saudi Arabia but across the Arab world. Learn how to make it in a pressure cooker in order to save time. This recipe is quick, easy and does not need a lot of ingredients.
Freekeh with Peas and CarrotsBy baidooneFreekeh recipes have a special place on the Arab table. This recipe uses toasted freekeh wheat with its distinctive nutty taste. This dish is served with salad or yogurt.
Dates Basbousa without EggsBy baidooneThere are many Basbousa recipes with a variety of flavors and methods of work, we chose for you a way to work with the wonderful taste of dates and without using eggs, try it with an easy steps
Lebanese Cheese RollsBy ksalmanThis is a delicious Lebanese appetizer served in most restaurants across the Middle East. Phyllo rolls are filled with Akawi cheese and fried in oil until golden.
Lebanese Potato SaladBy ksalmanThis Lebanese salad is healthy, refreshing and tasty. It's served chilled and makes a great side dish in the summer!
Luqaimat Stuffed with CheeseBy ksalmanLuqaimat is a kind of arabic sweet dumpling very famous dish that the people enjoy during Ramadan or other times. Pretty easy to make, this dessert takes minimal ingredients, yet tastes absolute awesome.
Stuffed Chicken with Rice and VegetablesBy ksalmanLearn how to make stuffed chicken with rice and vegetables. Chicken recipe stuffed with rice, tomatoes, colored capsicum, lemon and rosemary cooked in the oven make each bite of this stuffed chicken full of flavor.
How to make Iraqi kebabBy ksalmanTo the lovers of kebabs, learn how to make Iraqi kebab. Try this delicious recipe prepared with natural ingredients. Prepare it and grill it over charcoal, then serve it hot to your guests.
How to make a Bahraini kebabBy ksalmanHow to make delicious and meat-free Bahraini kebab in easy and simple steps. Serve this dish on your table, as it has a distinctive taste and its ingredients are economical and available to you.
Kabab Halla with PotatoesBy ksalmanKabab Halla with Potatoes. To the lovers of recipes with meat, prepare this easy Egyptian dish and complete your table with the most delicious main dishes
Fatayer with Meat in an Easy WayBy baidooneFatayer with meat in an easy way .. The recipes of dough stuffed with several varieties of fillings are among the most popular pastries that are popular on the Arab table, we chose for you the accurate and clear working method with a good and distinctive ground meat filling
Mafrouka with cream and pistachiosBy baidooneMafrouka with cream and pistachios .. be creative by presenting the best oriental sweets on your table and learn the easiest ways to make mafrouka desserts with the taste of good cream and distinctive pistachios
Chicken Shawarma SaladBy baidooneChicken shawarma salad .. We offer you a fast, delicious and beloved meal for the whole family, try chicken shawarma with innovative dishes on the dining table
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