Main Dishes

Diet Shish TawookBy baidooneIf you are looking for a low-calorie way to make Diet Shish Tawook, try this light and delicious recipe with just one tablespoon of oil
Chicken Kebabs in the OvenBy ksalmanThese tasty chicken kebabs are baked in the oven. The result is juicy kebabs that everyone will love!
Meatballs in cherry sauce (Kebab B’il karaz)By ksalmanCherry Kebab (Arabic: كباب كرز‎) is a special kind of kebab, which is made with minced lamb and cherry. The original name in Arabic is Kebab B'il Karaz. Cherry kebab is a specialty dish from Aleppo, the largest city in Syria with heritage and history.
Macarona Tagine with ChickenBy baidooneA delicious and cheesy casserole layered with penne pasta and chicken, this Egyptian comfort food is a major crowd pleaser!
Meat Kebab SandwichBy baidooneMeat Kebab stuffed into a pita or other type of bread as a sandwich, or wrapped in a thin flatbread. The sandwich generally contains salad or vegetables, which may include tomato, onion, parsley with sumac
Chicken and Peach TagineBy baidooneA true crowd pleaser, this chicken and peach tagine is juicy and goes very well with couscous.
Rice with Meat and PeasBy ksalmanLearn how to make Delicious Rice with Meat and Peas , following these simple recipe steps. Serve with yogurt or your favorite green salad.
Kabab Halla with ChickenBy baidooneTraditional Kabab Halla (Chicken Stew) is one of the ultimate comfort food in the Egyptian homes. Prepare a delicious meal of chicken flavored with spices and serve it along with a plate of crunchy French fries.
Rice with Chicken and PotatoesBy baidooneAn easy one pan bake of chicken and potatoes , made with spices and sliced potatoes. Saucy, indulgent and delicious, this is a firm family favorite .
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