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Easy Arabic YogurtBy baidooneHomemade Arabic Yogurt is so easy to do! All you need is three ingredients and a little time to make your own delicious and healthy yogurt
Lebanese Biryani RiceBy ksalmanThis Lebanese Biryani dish combines ground meat and rice with spices to make a wonderful side dish garnished with fried almonds and pine nuts
Rice with NutsBy baidooneEveryone loves this rice with nuts dish for its deliciousness and ease, a winner. It is a version of the traditional hashweh Lebanese rice.
How to Make Saj Bread at HomeBy baidooneSaj bread (also Markook, Markouk, Arabic:كماج، مرقوق، شراك) is a type of flat bread common in the countries of the Levant. It is baked on a domed or convex metal griddle, known as Saj. It is usually sizable, about 2 feet, and thin, almost transparent. Similar to the procedures for making other flat breads, the dough of Saj bread is flattened and kept very thin prior to cooking, resulting in a very slender depth to this bread. It is usually folded and put in bags before being sold.
Tamees (Saudi Bread)By baidooneTamees is an old Arabian famous bread which is baked in unique ways and results in a soft, tender flatbread. It is best eaten when it is still warm.
Yemeni Lahoh RecipeBy baidooneLahoh, also Luḥūḥ (Arabic: لحوح‎), is a spongy, pancake-like bread originated from Yemen. It is often sold on the street by peddlers.
Fava Beans and Chickpeas SaladBy ksalmanThis salad with chickpeas and fava beans is quick, fresh and vegetarian-friendly. It is hearty enough to eat as a light lunch.
Chicken Fatteh with Rice and MeatBy ksalmanShredded chicken, minced beef, garlic yogurt sauce and toasted pita bread. Mix it all together to get a protein-packed party snack!
Rice with Liver and MushroomBy ksalman In this amazing Middle Eastern recipe, livers are sauteed in oil with bell peppers, mushroom, tomatoes, garlic and seasoned with spices. After the rice and peas are cooked, layers of rice, livers mixture and peas are placed in a mold then turned oven a serving dish.
Middle Eastern Spiced Chickpea RiceBy ksalmanSpiced Chickpea Rice is a traditional rice dish that is widely popular across the Middle East. It's so simple and flavorful, you'll crave it at least once a week!
Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage RollsBy ksalmanMiddle Eastern style vegetarian cabbage rolls stuffed with a combination of fresh herbs, tomatoes, onions, garlic, bell pepper, tomatoes and spices.
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