Fresh Herb Falafel Pita WrapBy ksalmanThe only way to eat falafel is hot, right out of the frying pan, so make and eat the wraps immediately after frying the falafel.
The Dough (Al ‘ajeen)By ksalmanThis technique will teach you how to make the dough with no fuss. This simple dough recipe can be used for preparing the best Arabic Pita bread.
Chicken liver with onionsBy baidooneChicken liver with onions .. Liver is an easy and quick recipe. Serve it on your table always, and enjoy with the family its delicious taste and great benefit
Syrian Rice with PeasBy baidooneSyrian Rice with peas .. Rice recipes are one of the most important and best dishes on the table, and they are loved by all adults and children. Serve the basmati rice with delicious vegetables on the Syrian way.
’Middle Eastern Roasted Potatoes With Za’atarBy ksalmanPotatoes are roasted with olive oil and za'atar spice in this easy and flavorful vegetarian side dish. You'll love the herbaceous and exotic flavor of Za'atar spice in your Roasted Potatoes.
Easy Arabic YogurtBy baidooneHomemade Arabic Yogurt is so easy to do! All you need is three ingredients and a little time to make your own delicious and healthy yogurt
Lebanese Biryani RiceBy ksalmanThis Lebanese Biryani dish combines ground meat and rice with spices to make a wonderful side dish garnished with fried almonds and pine nuts
Rice with NutsBy baidooneEveryone loves this rice with nuts dish for its deliciousness and ease, a winner. It is a version of the traditional hashweh Lebanese rice.
How to Make Saj Bread at HomeBy baidooneSaj bread (also Markook, Markouk, Arabic:كماج، مرقوق، شراك) is a type of flat bread common in the countries of the Levant. It is baked on a domed or convex metal griddle, known as Saj. It is usually sizable, about 2 feet, and thin, almost transparent. Similar to the procedures for making other flat breads, the dough of Saj bread is flattened and kept very thin prior to cooking, resulting in a very slender depth to this bread. It is usually folded and put in bags before being sold.
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