Basbousa CheesecakeBy ksalmanThis basbousa cheesecake with a Middle Eastern makeover features a buttery digestive biscuit base a rich cheesecake layer topped with a delicious basbousa layer sweetened with rose water scented sugar syrup ties the flavors together.
Oman’s National Dessert (Omani Halwa)By ksalmanOmani halwa is a soft, sweet gelatinous mixture flavored with saffron, cardamom, butter, nuts and rose water. A delicious sweet treat to enjoy with coffee.
Iraqi Znoud El SitBy ksalmanZnoud El Sit are rolls of phyllo dough, stuffed with milk cream then fried. Finally, they are dipped in sugar syrup, before being sprinkled with crushed pistachios. These incredible sweet rolls are sold in every neighborhood sweet shop in the Middle East during the holy month of Ramadan!
Moroccan Makrout with DatesBy baidooneMakrout is a delicious pastry that is native to North Africa. The texture of this sweet treat is divine and the date filling is rich and hearty.
3 Ingredients Semolina Cold DessertBy baidooneSemolina cold dessert is one of the most famous desserts in Jordan, which needs 3 ingredients and you will get the most delicious sweet, easy and fast.
Qudrat Qader Cake RecipeBy ksalman Qudrat Qader Cake... Discover the easiest way to prepare the best Arabic cake. A dessert your family and friends will flip over.
Ka’ak El Eid with Anise and DatesBy baidooneThese cookies are called Ka'ak El Eid with Anise and Dates. They are quite popular in the Levant. They're not too sweet and they have a lovely flavor and aroma from the anise (yansoon) which the cookies are named after.
Dates Basbousa without EggsBy baidooneThere are many Basbousa recipes with a variety of flavors and methods of work, we chose for you a way to work with the wonderful taste of dates and without using eggs, try it with an easy steps
Luqaimat Stuffed with CheeseBy ksalmanLuqaimat is a kind of arabic sweet dumpling very famous dish that the people enjoy during Ramadan or other times. Pretty easy to make, this dessert takes minimal ingredients, yet tastes absolute awesome.
Mafrouka with cream and pistachiosBy baidooneMafrouka with cream and pistachios .. be creative by presenting the best oriental sweets on your table and learn the easiest ways to make mafrouka desserts with the taste of good cream and distinctive pistachios
Lotus BasbousaBy baidooneEnjoy the delicious taste of lotus basbousa with your family and your guests, and learn how to make the best and most delicious desserts in an easy way
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