Holiday Recipes

Spicy Shrimp BiryaniBy ksalmanShrimp biryani is a flavorful made using shrimp and basmati rice. Make and serve this biryani on holidays or weekends and enjoy with family and friends.
Freekeh Soup with LambBy baidooneFreekeh itself is a common staple in Middle Eastern cuisine, especially in Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. Freekeh soup is great for those cold winter days. It's filling and flavorful, light and easy to prepare.
Healthy Homemade Hummus RecipeBy baidooneNo mezze platter is complete without hummus. A hearty, tangy dip, that keeps everyone coming back for more. This classic Middle Eastern favorite is great for jazzing up other dishes such as BBQ meat, vegetables, and salads.
Lebanese Makloubi with MeatBy ksalmanMakloubi is a Upside Down Rice dish with either beef or chicken or can be vegetarian if you prefer. Maklouba or Makloubeh is a very popular Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Dish in various forms.
Mashed Potato FatayerBy ksalmanPrepare our delicious recipe today, which is how to make Middle Eastern mashed potato fatayer. Try it and enjoy its delicious taste
Crispy Syrian FatayerBy ksalmanFatayer is a famous Syrian appetizer dish that features a plain flour shell stuffed with your favorite filling such as cheese, minced meat... etc. and deep fried in hot oil.
How to prepare bulgur kibbeh with parsley in a healthy wayBy ksalmanKibbeh is considered one of the basic appetizers that are found on the dining table of Arab families. The kibbeh dates back to the Levant, specifically Syria and Lebanon, and it is characterized by the ability to prepare it in several ways, and in every way different ingredients are added to it to give it a distinctive and delicious flavor, but no matter how different the methods of preparing the kibbeh, it always maintains its delicious taste and unique flavor. In this recipe we will present one of the methods for preparing kibbeh, which is bulgur kibbeh with parsley, in a healthy way.
Biryani in the Electric Pressure CookerBy baidooneChicken Biryani is an ultimate one-pot chicken casserole. It is perfect for large gatherings or family feast. Making a chicken biryani in the electric pressure cooker not only saves lot of time but also biryani is evenly cooked.
Ka’ak El Eid with Anise and DatesBy baidooneThese cookies are called Ka'ak El Eid with Anise and Dates. They are quite popular in the Levant. They're not too sweet and they have a lovely flavor and aroma from the anise (yansoon) which the cookies are named after.
Meat Kabsa in a Pressure CookerBy baidooneKabsa is a meat and rice main course dish that is popular not just in Saudi Arabia but across the Arab world. Learn how to make it in a pressure cooker in order to save time. This recipe is quick, easy and does not need a lot of ingredients.
Dates Basbousa without EggsBy baidooneThere are many Basbousa recipes with a variety of flavors and methods of work, we chose for you a way to work with the wonderful taste of dates and without using eggs, try it with an easy steps
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