Ka’ak El Eid with Anise and DatesBy baidooneThese cookies are called Ka'ak El Eid with Anise and Dates. They are quite popular in the Levant. They're not too sweet and they have a lovely flavor and aroma from the anise (yansoon) which the cookies are named after.
Traditional Almond Graybeh (Middle Eastern Shortbread Cookie)By ksalmanAlmond graybeh is a traditional Middle Eastern butter cookie that is delicate, light, pure white and melts in your mouth. Almond graybeh is baked especially for Easter and Christmas. The recipe makes so many cookies (4 dozen!) that it’s perfect for weddings, graduation parties, or anytime you want lots of incredibly delicious cookies to share.
Chicken ZurbianBy baidooneZurbian is considered as a special occasion rice dish that is usually served in weddings, during the Eid, or when important guests arrive. Surprise your taste buds with the authentic flavor of Yemeni chicken zurbian.
Ballouria Pistachio BaklavaBy ksalmanBallouria with pistachios is one of the most famous Arabic sweets. It is made with konafa dough and stuffed with pistachios, it has a distinctive taste.
Maamoul Cookies With WalnutsBy baidooneLearn how to make delicious Middle Eastern Maamoul cookies wih walnuts like a pro. Serve during religious holidays such as Eid, Easter or Christmas.
Bird’s Nest KunafaBy baidooneBird's Nest Kunafa is crunchy and just the right dessert during Ramadan and Eid. They are baked instead of fried and they are easy to make.
Barazek (Sesame Pistachio Cookies)By baidooneBarazek are wonderful, thin, and crunchy sesame and pistachio cookies where one side is covered with sesame while the other is dotted with pistachios.
Easy Pistachio Baklava RollsBy baidooneThese little baklava rolls are made from crunchy sheets of phyllo, pistachio and syrup. They’re delicious and elegant dessert for any occasion.
Ghraybeh (Arabic Butter Cookies)By baidooneGhraybeh (Arabic Butter Cookies), delicate cookies melt in your mouth. Ghraybeh can be prepared days in advance. Once you try them you will fall in love! Ghraybeh is available in Arabian dessert restaurants.
Maamoul (Arabian Date Filled Cookies)By baidooneMaamoul is a delicious traditional Middle Eastern cookie that is typically made on religious holidays such as Eid, Easter or Christmas. Ma'amoul are usually made a few days before the holiday then stored to be served with Arabic coffee and chocolate to guests who come during the holiday.
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