Traditional Kuwaiti Darabeel Dessert RecipeBy ksalmanDarabeel (Arabic: درابيل‎) – It's one of the most favorites for Kuwaitis especially in winter. The dough is formed into very thin rolled layers stuffed with sugar, cardamom and cinnamon.
Chicken MutabbaqBy ksalmanToday’s dish is one of Saudi Arabia and Yemen’s most famous street food known as mutabbaq. It can be stuffed with meat, vegetables or chicken as of this recipe.
How to Make Saj Bread at HomeBy baidooneSaj bread (also Markook, Markouk, Arabic:كماج، مرقوق، شراك) is a type of flat bread common in the countries of the Levant. It is baked on a domed or convex metal griddle, known as Saj. It is usually sizable, about 2 feet, and thin, almost transparent. Similar to the procedures for making other flat breads, the dough of Saj bread is flattened and kept very thin prior to cooking, resulting in a very slender depth to this bread. It is usually folded and put in bags before being sold.
Tamees (Saudi Bread)By baidooneTamees is an old Arabian famous bread which is baked in unique ways and results in a soft, tender flatbread. It is best eaten when it is still warm.
Yemeni Lahoh RecipeBy baidooneLahoh, also Luḥūḥ (Arabic: لحوح‎), is a spongy, pancake-like bread originated from Yemen. It is often sold on the street by peddlers.
konafa with cream, dates and caramelBy ksalmanKonafa is one of the hallmark desserts of the Middle East, with as many variations on its filling (think cheese, cream, nuts, chocolate, fruit, dates, clotted cream) as on its spelling (it is variously called knafeh, kunafe, konafa, knafe, kunafah - you get the idea). This version of konafa is filled with cream, dates and caramel.
Eggplant-Spaghetti MakloubaBy ksalmanLearn how to make Eggplant-Spaghetti Maklouba with the easiest steps. A very distinctive recipe that combines Arabic and Italian cuisine.
Fava Beans and Chickpeas SaladBy ksalmanThis salad with chickpeas and fava beans is quick, fresh and vegetarian-friendly. It is hearty enough to eat as a light lunch.
Chicken Fatteh with Rice and MeatBy ksalmanShredded chicken, minced beef, garlic yogurt sauce and toasted pita bread. Mix it all together to get a protein-packed party snack!
Chicken Shawarma FattehBy baidooneDelicious chicken shawarma bowl, made of seasoned chicken, crunchy toasted bread and topped with shawarma sauce.
Stuffed Potatoes with koftaBy ksalmanDelicious spiced meat kofta with tomatoes, onions, capsicum, green peppers, and potatoes served with pita bread.
Kofta With Lemon SauceBy ksalmanKofta With Lemon Sauce (ground meat seasoned with herbs, onion and garlic). It's baked in the oven and best served with white rice as a main dish.
Kunafa with ChocolateBy ksalmanThis version of kunafa is prepared with Kunafa pastry sandwiched between nutella chocolate and garnished with crushed pistachio and lemon blossom.
Honey and Milk Crunchy Ka’akBy baidooneHoney and milk crunchy Ka'ak covered in sesame seeds are the tastiest desserts that you can easily make at home .
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