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Baked Lebanese Pumpkin kibbehBy baidooneThis Pumpkin Kibbeh is a vegan version of the traditional Lebanese bulgur and meat Kibbeh. The spicy filling of this Kibbeh is cooked in a baking dish between two layers of flavorful bulgur wheat dough.
Zaatar RollsBy baidooneThese rolls with zaatar (a blend of herbs, sesame seeds, sumac and salt) are crunchy and super easy. They make a perfect breakfast or appetizer with a cup of tea.
Tomato kibbehBy baidooneTomato Kibbeh is a popular dish in the Levant, consists of tomatoes, Bulgar, onions and kibbeh spices. It can be served as a side dish or a kind of mezza.
Grilled Eggplant Fatteh (Fattet Bathinjan Mishwi)By ksalmanMiddle-Eastern grilled eggplant fattteh also known as Fattet Bathinjan mishwi. It's an appetizer dish made of toasted pita bread, drenched in a spiced tomato sauce, topped with tender roasted eggplant, smothered in a lemony tahini sauce, and finally garnished with pine nuts and parsley.
Carrots Mutabbal (Mutabbal Jazar)By ksalmanCarrots Mutabbal is an authentic Arabic dish made of carrots, tahini, garlic, and lemon juice. It's one of the easiest and best starters you can add to your table and surprise your family. Try it and share your opinion.
Zucchini Mutabbal (Mutabbal Kousa)By ksalmanZucchini, Yogurt, tahini and yogurt is all you need to get started with an easy Arabic appetizer dish. Garnish with parsley and olive oil and serve with pita chips or vegetable sticks.
Fatayer KoftaBy ksalmanFatayer Kofta is an open-faced meat pie that is filled with (ground beef or lamb), tomatoes, eggs, and green pepper. They make perfect appetizers or entrees.
Hummus Musabaha (Whole Chickpea Hummus)By baidooneHummus Musabaha is one of the most popular appetizers in Syria, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon. Chickpeas is the main ingredient for this dish and It is served with falafel, and grilled meat.
Arabic Seven Spice MixBy baidooneArabic Seven Spice Mix is a spice blend of 7 different spices. It's used heavily in Middle-Eastern cooking specially in Lebanon and Syria. It adds fabulous Lebanese flavors to your home cooking.
Eggs ManakishBy baidoone Manakish are savory pastries popular in the Levant (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine). Eggs manakish is an easy recipe to make from scratch using very few ingredients! Perfect make-ahead snack, appetizer, or brunch!
Cheese Manakish RecipeBy baidooneCheese Manakish is made of tasty Arabic flat bread topped with delicious cheese and baked to perfection. They are best eaten freshly baked.
White Cheese TurnoversBy baidooneEverybody loves this Middle Eastern cheese turnovers savory, deep fried, and filled pastry. Ramadan is the perfect time for it.
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