Surprising Health Benefits Of Arabic Food

You may enjoy Arabic foods, but have you ever taken the time to think about its nutritional value? It turns out that not only is the cuisine tasty, but it can also be good for your health. In fact, this is one diet that is often praised for its role in helping to stave off chronic disease and cardiovascular problems. Let’s take a moment to discuss a few of its biggest benefits.

Low Cholesterol

The great thing about Arabic foods is that it’s composed primarily of foods that can be found in nature such as olive oil, legumes, fruits, vegetables as well as unrefined cereal products. Unlike the average American diet, it’s very low in sugar and is virtually free from GMOs and other artificial ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, flavor enhancers and preservatives. Foods are normally sweetened with natural sweeteners like honey. This lack of processed food and increase in omega-3 fatty acid results in lower cholesterol.

Fights Cancer

What most people may not realize is that cancer cells feed off of sugar. This means that in order to multiply and spread, you must provide your body with an excessive amount of carbohydrates. And this is where Arabic foods can be very useful. The give your body just enough carbohydrates to remain energized, but they can also help to starve out the cancer cells. Also, the plant foods, fruits and vegetables, contained in this diet, provide the antioxidants needed to protect DNA from damage and helps to stop cell mutation.

Prevents/Reverses Diabetes

Arabic foods contain healthy fatty acids, large amounts of protein and carbohydrates that are low in sugar. Not only does this burn fat and give you more energy, but it also helps to control your insulin levels. You see, insulin is a hormone which controls the levels of blood sugar. So those who suffer with type 2 diabetes can benefit from eating Arabic foods. While there are certain foods that do include a great deal of carbohydrates — in the forms of pastas or breads, with added activity or little exercise, blood sugar levels should remain balanced.

Heart Healthy

If you’re interested in maintaining a healthy heart, then you need plenty of monounsaturated fats and omega-3 foods. Arabic foods contain sunflower oil and extra-virgin olive oil which helps to decrease blood pressure by and lower you chances of hypertension. These oils also help to keep your arteries dilated and clear.

Improves Mood and Cognitive Health

Arabic foods can aid as a natural Parkinson’s disease treatment and help to preserve your memory. Cognitive disorders usually occur when your brain isn’t getting the appropriate amount of dopamine which is a chemical that is necessary for body movements, the regulation of your mood and thought processing. Healthy fats such as olive oil, anti-inflammatory veggies as well as fruits fight cognitive decline as we age. These help to fight against the effects of exposure to free radicals, toxicity and food allergies, which can all lead to the impairment of brain function.

Weight Loss

Are you searching for a diet that helps with weight loss without your having to feel starved? Well, Arabic foods reduce fat but are still very nutrient-dense. These foods contain a lot of healthy fats while keeping carbohydrates low and improving intake of high-quality proteins. And the great things about it is, you have a lot of options and variety from which to choose. If you are someone who prefers protein over legumes and grains, you may go with large amounts of seafood and dairy products which contain probiotics.

You will always feel full and satisfied because fish, dairy products and other grass-fed meats contain healthy fatty acids which can act as appetite suppressants. However, if you prefer a plant-based diet, you can always go with whole grains (especially if they have been soaked and sprouted) because they can achieve the same effect.

As you can see, Arabic foods can be very beneficial. Not only is this diet tasty, but it’s also rich in the fruits, vegetables and meats that are needed in order to keep the body functioning properly. With the balance of Arabic foods and exercise, you can work toward improving both your body and mind. The benefits are endless and can make the world of difference in your life.



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