Date FingersBy baidooneLearn how to make delicious Arabic Date Fingers , following these simple recipe steps.
Qatayef with Cream and PistachiosBy baidooneFor every person in the Middle East, qatayef is linked to the holly month of Ramadan. This version of qatayef is stuffed with cream and pistachios, then it is fried in oil, soaked in syrup and garnished with minced pistachios.
Rice with NutsBy baidooneEveryone loves this rice with nuts dish for its deliciousness and ease, a winner. It is a version of the traditional hashweh Lebanese rice.
Fattet Chicken MusakhanBy baidooneLearn how to make Delicious Middle Eastern Fattet Chicken Musakhan , following these simple recipe steps.
Quinoa TabboulehBy baidooneThis fresh vegan and gluten-free Quinoa Tabbouleh made with a twist has all the familiar flavors of traditional tabbouleh, but with quinoa instead of Bulgar.
Kebab with Tomato SauceBy baidooneMade with beef or lamb, kebab is one of the easiest minced meat dishes. Learn an easy way to prepare it with the special taste of tomato sauce.
How to Make Saj Bread at HomeBy baidooneSaj bread (also Markook, Markouk, Arabic:كماج، مرقوق، شراك) is a type of flat bread common in the countries of the Levant. It is baked on a domed or convex metal griddle, known as Saj. It is usually sizable, about 2 feet, and thin, almost transparent. Similar to the procedures for making other flat breads, the dough of Saj bread is flattened and kept very thin prior to cooking, resulting in a very slender depth to this bread. It is usually folded and put in bags before being sold.
Tamees (Saudi Bread)By baidooneTamees is an old Arabian famous bread which is baked in unique ways and results in a soft, tender flatbread. It is best eaten when it is still warm.
Yemeni Lahoh RecipeBy baidooneLahoh, also Luḥūḥ (Arabic: لحوح‎), is a spongy, pancake-like bread originated from Yemen. It is often sold on the street by peddlers.
Chicken Shawarma FattehBy baidooneDelicious chicken shawarma bowl, made of seasoned chicken, crunchy toasted bread and topped with shawarma sauce.
Honey and Milk Crunchy Ka’akBy baidooneHoney and milk crunchy Ka'ak covered in sesame seeds are the tastiest desserts that you can easily make at home .
Arabian PavlovaBy baidooneImpress your friends and family with this Arabian pavlova, crisp on the outside, marshmallow soft inside and topped with dried fruits and nuts.
Semolina Stars RecipeBy baidooneEasy and delicious Middle Eastern semolina dessert usually served during the holy month of Ramadan.
Kunafa Cups with FruitsBy baidooneDelicious dessert called kunafa cups with fruits, it is an origin dessert of the Middle Eastern kitchen, very tasty with varieties of fruits and nuts.
Chicken ZurbianBy baidooneZurbian is considered as a special occasion rice dish that is usually served in weddings, during the Eid, or when important guests arrive. Surprise your taste buds with the authentic flavor of Yemeni chicken zurbian.
Arabian Chicken MandiBy baidooneChicken Mandi, is aromatic and tasty arabian rice dish. It is popular meal in all Arab countries. This version of Mandi is a delicious combination of rice, chicken and a mixture of spices cooked in the oven.
Jordanian Makmoura with ChickenBy baidooneMakmoura is one of the famous and popular Jordanian dishes, which is often served in occasions and festivals, because it adds a beautiful look to the table. Although it needs some time and effort, but its taste is worth it.
Baked Lebanese Pumpkin kibbehBy baidooneThis Pumpkin Kibbeh is a vegan version of the traditional Lebanese bulgur and meat Kibbeh. The spicy filling of this Kibbeh is cooked in a baking dish between two layers of flavorful bulgur wheat dough.
Kaab El ghazal (Gazelle Horns)By baidooneThese croissant-shaped cookies are known as Gazelle Horns that are filled with a sweet almond-orange blossom filling and are topped with crushed almonds. They are popular all over North Africa in Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria.
Lebanese White Bean Stew with ChickenBy baidooneBeans stew is a popular dish in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and Jordan. It is prepared from beans, onions, chicken or beef, cinnamon, spices and salt and it is easy to prepare.
Zaatar RollsBy baidooneThese rolls with zaatar (a blend of herbs, sesame seeds, sumac and salt) are crunchy and super easy. They make a perfect breakfast or appetizer with a cup of tea.
Lebanese Vegetables and Meat SoupBy baidooneThis vegetable soup is a popular dish in Lebanon. It is prepared from different types of vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, zucchini, along with onions, cinnamon, salt and meat. Other vegetables can be added according to taste, or to replace meat with boiled chicken.
Middle Eastern Lentil Soup with MeatballsBy baidooneMiddle Eastern lentil soup with meatballs is hearty, comforting and full of flavor and textures. It is made from lentils rice and meatballs along with onions, parsley, cumin and salt, and does not require much effort to prepare.
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