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Kabees El Qarnabeet (Cauliflower Pickles)By ksalmanServe these pickles as part of an appetizer spread with fresh tomatoes, olives, flatbread, and hummus or baba ghanoush. They’re also tasty alongside grilled meats.
Qudrat Qader Cake RecipeBy ksalman Qudrat Qader Cake... Discover the easiest way to prepare the best Arabic cake. A dessert your family and friends will flip over.
Kofta with doughBy ksalmanKofta with dough ... Learn how to prepare delicious kofta recipes in an innovative and new way, and serve it as a dish of wonderful and distinctive pastries
How to prepare bulgur kibbeh with parsley in a healthy wayBy ksalmanKibbeh is considered one of the basic appetizers that are found on the dining table of Arab families. The kibbeh dates back to the Levant, specifically Syria and Lebanon, and it is characterized by the ability to prepare it in several ways, and in every way different ingredients are added to it to give it a distinctive and delicious flavor, but no matter how different the methods of preparing the kibbeh, it always maintains its delicious taste and unique flavor. In this recipe we will present one of the methods for preparing kibbeh, which is bulgur kibbeh with parsley, in a healthy way.
Lebanese Cheese RollsBy ksalmanThis is a delicious Lebanese appetizer served in most restaurants across the Middle East. Phyllo rolls are filled with Akawi cheese and fried in oil until golden.
Lebanese Potato SaladBy ksalmanThis Lebanese salad is healthy, refreshing and tasty. It's served chilled and makes a great side dish in the summer!
Luqaimat Stuffed with CheeseBy ksalmanLuqaimat is a kind of arabic sweet dumpling very famous dish that the people enjoy during Ramadan or other times. Pretty easy to make, this dessert takes minimal ingredients, yet tastes absolute awesome.
Stuffed Chicken with Rice and VegetablesBy ksalmanLearn how to make stuffed chicken with rice and vegetables. Chicken recipe stuffed with rice, tomatoes, colored capsicum, lemon and rosemary cooked in the oven make each bite of this stuffed chicken full of flavor.
How to make Iraqi kebabBy ksalmanTo the lovers of kebabs, learn how to make Iraqi kebab. Try this delicious recipe prepared with natural ingredients. Prepare it and grill it over charcoal, then serve it hot to your guests.
How to make a Bahraini kebabBy ksalmanHow to make delicious and meat-free Bahraini kebab in easy and simple steps. Serve this dish on your table, as it has a distinctive taste and its ingredients are economical and available to you.
Kabab Halla with PotatoesBy ksalmanKabab Halla with Potatoes. To the lovers of recipes with meat, prepare this easy Egyptian dish and complete your table with the most delicious main dishes
’Middle Eastern Roasted Potatoes With Za’atarBy ksalmanPotatoes are roasted with olive oil and za'atar spice in this easy and flavorful vegetarian side dish. You'll love the herbaceous and exotic flavor of Za'atar spice in your Roasted Potatoes.
Lebanese Grilled CornBy ksalmanLebanese grilled street corn. I promise you will love this Middle Eastern version of easy grilled corn with sea salt as a snack.
Chicken KoftaBy ksalmanLooking for new ideas with mince? Try these spicy kofta with a side rice or pita bread. Simple to make and different ways to play with ingredients as per taste
Iraqi Rice kibbeh ballsBy ksalmanKibbeh is a very popular recipe and is considered a national dish in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Crispy on the outside, meaty on the inside - this golden brown treat is on to a good thing.
Traditional Almond Graybeh (Middle Eastern Shortbread Cookie)By ksalmanAlmond graybeh is a traditional Middle Eastern butter cookie that is delicate, light, pure white and melts in your mouth. Almond graybeh is baked especially for Easter and Christmas. The recipe makes so many cookies (4 dozen!) that it’s perfect for weddings, graduation parties, or anytime you want lots of incredibly delicious cookies to share.
Iraqi BiryaniBy ksalmanIf you are a fan of preparing biryani on the Iraqi way, especially with peas, carrots and potatoes, here is this easy method.
Potato and Beef StewBy ksalmanPotato and Beef Stew is a common traditional Middle Eastern dish that is served with a side of rice.
How to Make Shish Tawook in the OvenBy ksalmanShish Tawook (or Shish Taouk) is a traditional Middle Eastern marinated chicken dish. Chunks of tender and juicy chicken marinated in yogurt, garlic, and spices. It is widely eaten in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey. Learn how to make it in the oven.
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