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Jordanian Harissa RecipeBy baidooneHarissa is one of the most famous sweets in the Arab countries, especially in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria where it is characterized by a delicious taste that distinguishes it from the other sweets.
Maqluba (Upside-Down with Beef, Eggplant and Rice)By baidooneMaqluba (Upside-Down with Beef, Eggplant and Rice) is cooked in one pot, with layers of rice, eggplant and beef. A feast in your mouth, with the flavors from eggplant, the unique aroma of rice topped with pieces of beef.
Cheese Manakish RecipeBy baidooneCheese Manakish is made of tasty Arabic flat bread topped with delicious cheese and baked to perfection. They are best eaten freshly baked.
Qatayef with Toast Bread and CreamBy baidooneDesserts, have their great presence and significance during the holly month of Ramadan, but the glorious qatayef is the real star of all desserts. If you can't buy ready-made qatayef from oriental bakeries and you don't want to make them from scratch, try this quick and easy recipe to make delicious qatayef with toast bread.
Chicken BiryaniBy baidooneChicken biryani is a family favorite. It is easy to prepare, aromatic, deliciously spiced and fragrant rice with tender chicken.
Freekeh Soup with ChickenBy baidooneFreekeh soup with chicken is one of the most delicious recipes in winter. It gives us warmth when it is taken hot. It is nutritious, flavorful and incredibly easy to make and eat.
White Cheese TurnoversBy baidooneEverybody loves this Middle Eastern cheese turnovers savory, deep fried, and filled pastry. Ramadan is the perfect time for it.
Chicken Sambousek RecipeBy baidooneSambousek is a Middle Eastern dish that’s usually served as an appetizer or as a snack. If you’re a fan of chicken you will love this recipe.
Kellaj with CheeseBy baidooneThis recipe of Kellaj consists of kellag dough filled with cheese, baked and drizzled with sugar syrup. It is then sprinkled with grounded pistachio. It is usually served hot.
Cream-Filled BaklavaBy baidooneBaklava or baklawa is one of the most delicious mouth watery dessert. It comes in different shapes and fillings. Some stuff the layers of Fillo dough with pistachios, others with walnuts, and others with cream as in our recipe which is stuffed with cream and comes with a triangle shape..
Basbousa with ChocolateBy baidooneA traditional Middle Eastern dessert. Easy and super delicious, made from semolina flour and chocolate, then soaked in sweet syrup.
Maamoul Mad Bil AshtaBy baidooneMaamoul Mad Bil Ashta is a popular dessert in Lebanon. It is flavored with orange blossom water and rose water. Crunchy on the outside and with creamy filling in the inside. It is mostly served during the holy month of Ramadan.
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