Halawet El JibnBy baidooneHalawet el-jibn (Arabic: حلاوة الجبن‎) is a Levantine Arabic dessert made of a Semolina and cheese dough, filled with cream. Its origin has been given as the city of Hama in Syria, though it is sometimes claimed to be the city of Homs, where it is considered a specialty.
Chicken kabsaBy baidooneKabsa is the national dish of Saudi Arabia. It is a dish made of rice and meat, cooked either separately or together. It is made with spices and chicken, lamb or fish. It is usually eaten for lunch and sometimes for dinner. Kabsa is often a dish for a group of people. The kabsa is normally served on a round metal dish placed on the floor and people eat with their right hand, although a spoon may be used. In Saudi Arabia there are many different ways to make kabsa. Kabsa is also eaten in other Middle Eastern countries such as Kuwait, Bahrain and other Gulf countries.
Koosa in yogurt sauceBy baidooneA delicious Lebanese stuffed zucchini in a tangy yogurt sauce. Filled with rice , minced beef and cooked in a garlicky yogurt sauce. A new way to serve zucchini for the whole family to enjoy.
Kibbeh Nayyeh (Raw Kibbeh)By baidooneKibbeh nayyeh or raw kibbeh (Arabic: كبة نيئة‎) is a Levantine mezze. It consists of minced raw lamb mixed with fine bulgur and spices. Kibbeh nayyeh is often served with mint leaves, olive oil, and green onions. Pita bread is used to scoop it. Sometimes a sauce of garlic or olive oil is served. The dish has a unique versatility in that any leftovers are cooked, creating a different dish.
Qatayef with cheese and walnutsBy baidooneQatayef, Katayef, or Ataif (Arabic: قطايف) is an Arab dessert commonly served during the month of Ramadan. The dough could be filled with nuts, cheese, or Ashta (kind of Arabic cream). This sweet requires quite some time to prepare but it is worth it.
Baklava with walnuts, almonds and hazelnutsBy baidooneBaklava (Arabic: بقلاوة) is a rich, sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with syrup or honey. It is characteristic of the cuisines of the Levant and the broader Middle East, along with Greece, the South Caucasus, Balkans, Maghreb, and Central Asia.
Milk and Bread Pudding (Aish el Saraya)By baidooneAish el Saraya is an Egyptian and Levantine dessert, consisting of syrup-soaked breadcrumbs topped with clotted cream and pistachios. It contains neither eggs nor butter. It is popular in Lebanon and the Arab world.
Spinach FatayerBy baidooneSpinach Fatayer is a Middle Eastern pie that can alternatively be stuffed with meat, or cheese such as Feta or Akkawi. It is part of Levantine cuisine and is eaten in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine.
KunafaBy baidooneKunafa/Knafeh is an Arabic sweet made of very fine vermicelli-like phyllo pastry. It is sometimes known as shredded phyllo. It combines a layer of shredded phyllo with a creamy cheese filling and then another layer of shredded phyllo. It is flavored with a simple syrup of rose water and orange water. It is served as a dessert.
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