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Iraqi BiryaniBy ksalmanIf you are a fan of preparing biryani on the Iraqi way, especially with peas, carrots and potatoes, here is this easy method.
Qatayef with Cream and PistachiosBy baidooneFor every person in the Middle East, qatayef is linked to the holly month of Ramadan. This version of qatayef is stuffed with cream and pistachios, then it is fried in oil, soaked in syrup and garnished with minced pistachios.
Rice with NutsBy baidooneEveryone loves this rice with nuts dish for its deliciousness and ease, a winner. It is a version of the traditional hashweh Lebanese rice.
Cream-Filled KunafaBy ksalmanDelicious cream filled Middle Eastern sweet. I am sharing this version of cream-filled kunafa with you, to show you how easy it is to fall in love with the beauty of this Arabian dessert!
Baked Kofta with EggplantBy ksalmanThe kitchen is the kingdom of the housewife, in which she seeks to provide the most delicious food, and she tries hard to search for new recipes to add to her family table. Today, we present to you, delicious Baked Kofta with Eggplant in an easy way.
konafa with cream, dates and caramelBy ksalmanKonafa is one of the hallmark desserts of the Middle East, with as many variations on its filling (think cheese, cream, nuts, chocolate, fruit, dates, clotted cream) as on its spelling (it is variously called knafeh, kunafe, konafa, knafe, kunafah - you get the idea). This version of konafa is filled with cream, dates and caramel.
Chicken MachboosBy ksalmanChicken machboos is one of the most famous and richest dishes in the Arabian Gulf. Each region differs in the way it is prepared and its name also differs, but the basic ingredients remain the same.
Semolina Stars RecipeBy baidooneEasy and delicious Middle Eastern semolina dessert usually served during the holy month of Ramadan.
Chicken ZurbianBy baidooneZurbian is considered as a special occasion rice dish that is usually served in weddings, during the Eid, or when important guests arrive. Surprise your taste buds with the authentic flavor of Yemeni chicken zurbian.
Rice Kabsa with MeatballsBy ksalmanLearn how to make Delicious Rice Kabsa with Meatballs , following these simple recipe steps. Now you can easily prepare and serve delicious dishes to your loved ones, full of Middle Eastern flavors. .
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