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konafa with cream, dates and caramelBy ksalmanKonafa is one of the hallmark desserts of the Middle East, with as many variations on its filling (think cheese, cream, nuts, chocolate, fruit, dates, clotted cream) as on its spelling (it is variously called knafeh, kunafe, konafa, knafe, kunafah - you get the idea). This version of konafa is filled with cream, dates and caramel.
Kunafa with ChocolateBy ksalmanThis version of kunafa is prepared with Kunafa pastry sandwiched between nutella chocolate and garnished with crushed pistachio and lemon blossom.
Honey and Milk Crunchy Ka’akBy baidooneHoney and milk crunchy Ka'ak covered in sesame seeds are the tastiest desserts that you can easily make at home .
Arabian PavlovaBy baidooneImpress your friends and family with this Arabian pavlova, crisp on the outside, marshmallow soft inside and topped with dried fruits and nuts.
Semolina Stars RecipeBy baidooneEasy and delicious Middle Eastern semolina dessert usually served during the holy month of Ramadan.
Kunafa Cups with FruitsBy baidooneDelicious dessert called kunafa cups with fruits, it is an origin dessert of the Middle Eastern kitchen, very tasty with varieties of fruits and nuts.
Shaklama with CoconutBy ksalmanShaklama is an authentic Arabic dessert, characterized by its ease of preparation that does not exceed twenty minutes. It depends on one main ingredient to prepare, which is coconut.
Mshabbak – Syrian DessertBy ksalmanMshabbak is a dessert from the Syrian cuisine. It's delicious, quick to prepare and made of semolina, flour, yogurt formed and deep fried in hot oil then drenched in the sugar syrup.
Kaab El ghazal (Gazelle Horns)By baidooneThese croissant-shaped cookies are known as Gazelle Horns that are filled with a sweet almond-orange blossom filling and are topped with crushed almonds. They are popular all over North Africa in Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria.
Qamar Al-Din Cold TartBy ksalmanQamar Al-Din Cold Tart.. Ramadan is the amazing month for Kamar Al-Din desserts and drinks. This delicious dessert consists of a layer of milk and semolina pudding while the second layer is made of qamar al-din pudding then it's decorated with pistachios, coconut, and raisins.
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