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Fatayer with Meat in an Easy WayBy baidooneFatayer with meat in an easy way .. The recipes of dough stuffed with several varieties of fillings are among the most popular pastries that are popular on the Arab table, we chose for you the accurate and clear working method with a good and distinctive ground meat filling
Lebanese Grilled CornBy ksalmanLebanese grilled street corn. I promise you will love this Middle Eastern version of easy grilled corn with sea salt as a snack.
Iraqi Rice kibbeh ballsBy ksalmanKibbeh is a very popular recipe and is considered a national dish in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Crispy on the outside, meaty on the inside - this golden brown treat is on to a good thing.
Egyptian Falafel (Ta’ameya)By baidooneEgyptian falafel is not made with chickpeas, original falafels, those from Egypt, are made with fava beans. The original name of this dish is ta’amiya
Fattet Chicken MusakhanBy baidooneLearn how to make Delicious Middle Eastern Fattet Chicken Musakhan , following these simple recipe steps.
Lebanese FalafelBy ksalmanLearn how to make homemade Lebanese falafel. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.
Potato KibbehBy ksalmanPotato kibbeh is a vegetarian dish made of boiled potatoes, bulgur, onions and kibbeh spices. It can be served as a side dish or cold meza, and it is most famous in the Levant.
Chicken MutabbaqBy ksalmanToday’s dish is one of Saudi Arabia and Yemen’s most famous street food known as mutabbaq. It can be stuffed with meat, vegetables or chicken as of this recipe.
Chicken Shawarma FattehBy baidooneDelicious chicken shawarma bowl, made of seasoned chicken, crunchy toasted bread and topped with shawarma sauce.
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